G5 Pink Green

Model Number:  G5
Color Name: Pink Green
Shape : Oval , Pear, Marq, Bead, Round ,Doublet, Triplet…..
Size Range: 1mm to 40mm
Created Opal (non resin) is composed by silica &  water. It is available in 10 colors come from White , Black , Blue, Pink ,Orange total 5 Series.It is chemically identical to natural opal, both are 100% silica, both have the same hardness, translucent , sparking and fire.
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The Opal that we carry are a created or galaxy opal made to be compatible with COE 33 (borosilicate glass). When galaxy opals are encased in glass, their color can be enhanced and their shapes are magnified. They’re a beautiful addition to glass jewelry, marbles and more. It is suitable for lampworking glass art and luxary jewellery .