G10 Blue Green

Model Number:  G10
Color Name: Blue Green
Shape : Oval , Pear, Marq, Bead, Round ,Doublet, Triplet…..
Size Range: 1mm to 40mm
Created Opal (non resin) is composed by silica &  water. It is available in 10 colors come from White , Black , Blue, Pink ,Orange total 5 Series.It is chemically identical to natural opal, both are 100% silica, both have the same hardness, translucent , sparking and fire.
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The Opal that we carry are a created or galaxy opal made to be compatible with COE 33 (borosilicate glass). Elements are Silica & Water and Heat Resistance is 900 degree C. When galaxy opals are encased in glass, their color can be enhanced and their shapes are magnified. They’re a beautiful addition to glass jewelry, marbles and more. It is suitable for lampworking glass art and luxary jewellery .